Part of how the human brain integrates us into our environment is through organization. We have labels for everything, compartments to put things into in order to make sense of the greater world. The end result has its benefits, but there is also a heavy negative price to pay. When everything is disconnected in our … Continue reading Connected

Communication is Key

British crime drama is my thing. I adore a good murder mystery. When I’m not writing, that’s what I put on the telly to be my backdrop during the day. But when you watch enough of something, you begin to see patterns in the writing. The veil lifts and it becomes obvious when the writers … Continue reading Communication is Key

Best. Present. Ever.

One Christmas a few years ago, my daughter was between jobs and couldn’t afford to buy presents for anyone, so she made some delectable food gifts for her friends. We had talked about it and I’d assured her that no gift was necessary for the family. We were all tightening our belts and understood. When … Continue reading Best. Present. Ever.

One Man’s Trash

Many years ago, I had a job that required me to stand up in front of a classroom and teach adult learners. This was perhaps the greatest challenge of my life because, since childhood, I was crippled with shyness, awkward with strangers and had spent my life trying to be invisible. I chose to do … Continue reading One Man’s Trash